9 Places You Can Apply to for Program Funds

cartoon of a hand holding dollars and coinsKaren Lindell of the ALA Public Programs Office has shared “9 Places You Can Apply to for Program Funds” over at the Programming Librarian site:

In 1827, the town of Lexington, Massachusetts, appointed a three-person committee to start a library. The committee suggested that “it is expedient to raise sixty dollars, by a tax, to purchase books for said library.” The precursor of the Cary Library, one of the nation’s oldest, was thus established.

Of course, libraries today do far more than purchase books, and need much more than $60 to pay for expenses such as public programming, which is vital to libraries’ missions. Numerous sources of funding for library programs supported by the American Library Association (ALA) are available, including federal, state and local government organizations, nonprofits and for-profit companies.

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