ALA announces Ukraine Library Relief Fund

Ukraine Library Relief Fund

ALA, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Library Association (ULA), has announced the ALA Ukraine Library Relief Fund to gather donations for the Ukrainian library community as they face the challenges of war.

In cities and towns throughout Ukraine, dozens of libraries have been severely damaged or destroyed. Librarians have kept libraries open for as long as possible and are improvising to bring services to people. Kreminna City Library offered services a couple of hours a week as street fighting raged. And in Kharkiv, a library was organized in the metropolitan transit system where families were taking shelter.

In addition to the destruction and damage of libraries in the war zones, there are significant challenges serving people displaced by the fighting. Libraries do not have enough computers for displaced people to use to communicate with relatives or for job seeking, online learning and more.

Funds raised will help purchase computers, software, and other resources. Donations will also help support immediate repair needs such as glazing windows and repairing roofs damaged by bombing to keep libraries open. ULA will provide small amounts of support for librarians and library workers who are in harm’s way, wounded, or displaced and in need of financial assistance. ALA will send donations to ULA once a month.

ALA also encourages librarians to work with Friends groups, students and others if interested in creating community fundraising efforts.

“The Ukrainian Library Association expresses our sincere gratitude to the American Library Association, and American library community for the unity and support of Ukraine and Ukrainian librarians,” said ULA President Oksana Brui. “We highly appreciate your efforts to raise funds for rebuilding and reconstruction of Ukrainian libraries and supporting library services during and after the Russian aggression.”

Donations to the ALA Ukraine Library Relief Fund can be made directly via credit card or by check made out to the American Library Association with a notation that it is for Ukraine.

Send to:

American Library Association
225 N. Michigan Avenue
Suite 1300
Chicago, IL 60601

For further information, email

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