ALA Committee on Library Advocacy releases Advocacy Action Plan Workbook

Cover: The Advocacy Action Plan Workbook

ALA’s Public Policy and Advocacy Office (PPA) is pleased to announce the release of the updated ALA Advocacy Action Plan Workbook, which is available online. The guide is a project of the Committee on Library Advocacy (COLA) and updates the 2009 workbook developed by ALA and United for Libraries.


The downloadable workbook continues to be an adaptable guide engaging individuals and groups in library advocacy on any issue. Users will take actionable steps in creating an advocacy plan through areas such as community analysis, building a library ecosystem, goal setting and message development and delivery. Workbook activities also keep users focused on needs assessment, implementation steps and effective outreach for best results. Additionally, the workbook itself is a vehicle for documenting real-time advocacy efforts for evaluation and planning for next steps.

“Now more than ever we need empowered advocates working together to speak out and take action for libraries," explains Steven Yates, associate professor and assistant director at University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies and immediate past chair of the Committee on Library Advocacy. “The ALA Advocacy Action Plan Workbook is a clear and practical resource that will quickly mobilize advocates in a library ecosystem to effectively implement and amplify a library advocacy campaign on any issue.”

“ALA is committed to supporting the library community in their advocacy work. The updated Workbook is an essential tool among ALA’s advocacy resources for libraries of all types,” said Eboni Henry, school media specialist at Maury Elementary School and current chair of the Committee on Library Advocacy. “These critical tools enable libraries to support the communities they serve. The Committee on Library Advocacy is focused on developing additional resources and quality training materials for advocates.”

Access and download the updated ALA Advocacy Action Plan Workbook.

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