Emily Amick to speak at United for Libraries President’s Program ‘Fight Book Bans: Frame the Debate, Fill the Seats, and Create Connections’ at ALA Annual, June 25

Emily AmickEmily Amick (@EmilyInYourPhone) will be the featured speaker at the United for Libraries President’s Program at the 2023 ALA Annual Conference on Sun., June 25, 11 a.m., McCormick Place, W184bc. The program is titled Fight Book Bans: Frame the Debate, Fill the Seats, and Create Connections. Emily Amick will be introduced by 2022-2024 United for Libraries President Dr. Gordon Baker.

Emily Amick, founder of For Facts Sake, has grown her following by speaking to those looking to engage on some of today’s most divisive culture war issues, and the climate of fear that pervades politics in 2023. Her engagement on book banning and censorship has introduced her to the library world. Emily will review the current state of play for library supporters and staff, as well as the political climate, to review where we are today, including the narrative game and disinformation, which groups are active and rallying people to this issue, and where these interactions are playing out online. She will leverage her expertise as a lawyer and her years of experience on Capitol Hill as former Counsel to Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer to show where these organizations and efforts come together. She will lay out a plan for how people can understand what is happening, learn more about the organizations involved and determine how to increase awareness and engagement on these essential issues that are impacting libraries, their staff and supporters.

Emily Amick is a lawyer, journalist, and political analyst known for her candid, no-nonsense approach to politics on instagram @EmilyInYourPhone. Raised in Texas, she attended Wellesley College and while there won public office at age 20, later earning a master's in journalism from the University of Alabama and a law degree from Columbia University and an LLM in international criminal law from University of Amsterdam. Throughout her diverse career, Emily has worked as an attorney at NYC non-profit Sanctuary for Families, counsel to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and an attorney at the Perles Law Firm, representing terrorism victims in lawsuits against the countries and financial institutions that support such acts.

Emily is also the founder of the non-profit organization, For Facts Sake, which is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to fostering political change through the power of social media campaigns and compelling digital communication. With the 2024 election cycle approaching, Emily's straightforward political analysis will continue to be a valuable resource for those seeking accurate information and effective ways to engage in the political process.

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