How do you library? Share during Library Card Sign-up Month for a chance to win

What is your library element? #HOWILIBRARY. Tell us how you library for a chance to win!

September is Library Card Sign-up Month! Show some love to your local library on social media by sharing how you make the most of your library card.

Do you love the library’s summer reading program, storytime, or book club? Checking out DVDs, magazines, or cake pans? Do you simply enjoy getting lost in the magic of a good book?

We want to know how YOU library!

Participating is easy:

  1. Snap a pic or shoot a video showcasing how you use your library or choose a library element that best applies to you.
  2. Post to Instagram, X, or on the I Love Libraries Facebook page with the hashtag #HowILibrary.
  3. Tag your library and your friends to help spread the word!

What's in it for you? In addition to the gratification of supporting libraries, there’s also a chance to win great prizes.

So, let's see those book stacks, creative reading spots, and all the adventures that libraries take you on! If you don’t have a photo to share, check out the Library Elements graphics at

Join the #HowILibrary movement, and let's make this the best Library Card Sign-up Month ever!

#HowILibrary Facebook Share | #HowILibrary Instagram Share | Official rules (PDF)

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