Friends of the Library and the Right to Read: Getting Ready for Banned Books Week

Learn what Friends can do to promote Banned Books Week Tues. June 11 at 2pm ET

Banned Books Week (Sept. 22-28, 2024), is an opportunity for Friends of the Library and library Foundations to support the freedom to read. Find out how to develop an event in your community, and what resources and promotional tools are available. Learn programming ideas and what Friends groups across the country are planning for the week.


Betsy Gomez is the Assistant Director of Communications and Public Outreach for the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, where she is a coordinator for Banned Books Week and Unite Against Book Bans. She has been coordinator for the Banned Books Week Coalition, a diverse group of organizations dedicated to defending intellectual freedom during Banned Books Week and beyond, since 2018.

Friends of the Long Beach Public Library

Barbara Sosa is beginning her sixth year as President of the Friends. Her love affair with libraries began when she was 10 years old and learned the Dewey Decimal System from her grammar school librarian. She has been a member of the Friends Board of Directors for more than a decade, serving in multiple capacities.

Ellen Butler taught at Costa Mesa High School in Southern California for 35 years. Beginning as an English teacher, she became the first photography teacher at CMHS, and one of two who introduced and taught interpersonal communications, an elective for seniors. She was asked by students in the late ‘90s to advise a new club, Advocates for Student Rights (ARS). She oversaw ASR’s periodic publication of a zine used both to inform students of their rights, and to ensure those rights were granted by the (too often reluctant) administration.

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