‘Looking for Library Advocates in All the Right Places’

Public Libraries March/April 2023 coverIn the March/April issue of Public Libraries magazine, Cara Taback and Robyn Stein’s piece Looking for Library Advocates in All the Right Places looks into how Trustees, Friends, and other library advocates are successfully supporting libraries in the fight against censorship. They also offer messaging, a framework for preparing and collaborating, and tips from libraries across the country. A few tips:

“Don’t get angry with patrons. Speak their language as best you can, and keep circling back to the fact that we stand for freedom. Never defend the title, defend the premise.” — Lance Werner, Library Director, Kent (Mich.) District Library

“Make sure your collections and reconsideration policies are airtight so your process isn’t questioned.” — Lisa Varga, Board Member, Virginia Beach (Va.) Public Library, and Executive Director, Virginia Library Association

“Talk before there’s a challenge, tie in advocacy and continuing ed, so that the Board understands their role is not just advocacy for the library but also the principle of the freedom to read.” — Laura England-Biggs, Library Director, Keene Memorial Library, Fremont, Neb.

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