New United for Libraries tip sheets provide guidance in the fight against censorship

United for Libraries Trustee Resources for Program & Material Challenges

This past several months has seen a dramatic uptick in book challenges, as well as other challenges to programming and access in school in public libraries.

The United for Libraries Intellectual Freedom Task Force has compiled two new resources to support Trustees and libraries to prepare for program, material, and access challenges.

"Terms and Definitions Related to Intellectual Freedom & Censorship" is a collection that clearly defines the language used relating to intellectual freedom and censorship challenges.

"Materials Challenges: Key Library Policies to Review and Revise" reviews the key components of well-constructed and legal policies and describes the policies that a library should review and/or implement to prepare for the possibility of a materials challenge.

Both Tip Sheets are featured on the United for Libraries resource page "Trustee Resources for Program & Material Challenges."

ALA's "Fight Censorship" resource page includes further information on preparing for and responding to challenges, censorship legislation, how to support intellectual freedom, and more.

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