Regina Roberts receives 2024 ALA Trustee Citation

Roberts (Tazewell County, Va.) and her achievements will be recognized at ALA Annual in San Diego

The ALA Trustee Citation, awarded by United for Libraries, recognizes public library Trustees for distinguished service to library development. Each year, one selected library Trustee is recognized during Opening General Session of the ALA Annual Conference. This year, the Conference will convene in San Diego, and the Trustee Citation recipient is Regina Roberts of the Tazewell County Public Library Board of Trustees.

Regina Roberts was appointed to serve on the Tazewell County Public Library Board of Trustees in 2018 by Travis Hackworth, now a Virginia State Senator. She began serving on the library’s Foundation board in 2019. In her capacity as Trustee, she has collaborated with county leaders, grant writers, architects, engineering consultants, attorneys, and banks to create historic changes in the TCPL system and its four branches. Some of her achievements are listed below:

  • Served as chair of the library board Regina has been chair of the TCPL Board of Trustees for multiple terms. During that time she has been a strong leader and advocate for the library in the community.
  • Served as chair of the Foundation board When the chair of the Foundation board resigned, Regina stepped up to take her place. Regina has served on the Foundation board since 2019, during which time she has overseen several large projects.
  • Saw the addition of a new library branch in Pocahontas, VA Pocahontas, VA is a small town in Tazewell County with roughly 400 citizens. This area was traditionally underserved, having only a small privately run library with limited hours. In 2021, the opportunity arose to create a branch of TCPL in Pocahontas by turning operations of the private library over to TCPL. Regina served as a liaison between the TCPL board and the private library board to make that transition run smoothly. The Pocahontas Branch of TCPL opened their doors in June of 2021.
  • Saw the creation of a trust under the guidance of the Foundation When the Foundation was bequeathed a large amount of money, Regina worked with the Foundation board to ensure the money was placed in a trust in order to continue generating funds for the library. This resulted in the money being legally protected and preserved for the library’s future.
  • Worked on the Foundation’s capital fundraising project, helped raise $500,000 to renovate the Richlands library branch The Richlands branch of TCPL has been in need of major renovations for decades. Located in a historical former house, some areas of the library were in major disrepair, and others simply needed updating. The most important update included putting an elevator into this four-story building in order to make it accessible to all. To date, the Foundation has raised half a million dollars towards this goal.

Regina, along with her fellow Trustees, is currently working to bring the aesthetics and functionality of two of their historic buildings up to date and to offer improved and expanded services to Tazewell County.

Regina Roberts is a Tazewell County native and serves in a variety of areas of expertise both voluntary and in a professional capacity. She is a registered nurse with specialized training and certification in Holistic Nutritional Wellness, teaching leadership disciplines, and tutoring classical education courses. She loves her small dairy farm and making wholesome products such as kefir, yogurt, butter, cheese and more while enjoying her family of three children and two grandchildren at the base of the Clinch Mountains between Appalachian’s small towns of Tazewell and Richlands. Regina also enjoys sewing, gardening, and playing the piano, organ, and accordion.  

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